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Friday, June 29, 2012

Adoption Love~

I just love these t-shirts friends of ours were selling to raise money for supplies for an orphanage in Congo. Our kids were so excited about them that they bought them with their own money. I love their sweet hearts and their hearts towards orphans. We are all also VERY excited about the adoption of our newest cousin!! We have all been praying for years for this precious girl and are in awe of all that God has done. Here is the back story ..It truly is His story. Please join us in praying for a swift Visa process so Mercy-Brian can be HOME at last. Also, dear friends of ours have begun their journey to adopt from Colombia. They have an Etsy shop where they are fundraising and selling these awesome shoes.
Last night at TKD there was a beautiful and multi-cultural family. I sat there for an hour an a half debating whether or not to ask them where their sweet children were from. I texted Jim and got his opinion and asked our 17 year old son if I should ask. They were both like, "Just do it!" Ha! I was so nervous and didn't want to offend. I finally got up the nerve to initiate a conversation and low and behold two of their children came home from China and they used Madison Adoption Associates too. The mom and I had an awesome hour long conversation about all things adoption. I was so blessed and encouraged by her heart and testimony. Her too cute for words son was so funny. He said, "Hey, I have an idea you give my Mom your number and she can give you hers and then you can talk about all of this on the phone." Love it. If you are an adoptive family do you encounter other adoptive families and do you ask "The Question"?? Happy Friday!


Kathy C. said...

Sometimes. I was by a couple with two mixed children at Sea World. I knew both adults together could not be the parents. I had Jasmine with me. I asked if the children (maybe 3?) were twins and they said 7 months apart. I said I had twins from Haiti and they didn't volunteer any info so I let the conversation drop : ( They sure were cuties though.

Yvette said...

I am so glad to hear you wrestle with this. When I don't ask then I feel like a total heel afterwards.

I thought ~ oh did you use Madison? Duh of course you did LOL! We are using them this time around. I was so nervous switching for the baby but this makes me feel better!

Love all your kids - so cute!

Jennifer said...

I don't ask strangers. I'll make a point to say, "What a beautiful daughter you have," but I leave it to the parents to decide what they want to share. To me, I wouldn't be any more comfortable asking if a child was adopted (or from where, etc) than I would be walking up to a stranger with a newborn and asking if she gave birth naturally or had a caesarian.

Renee said...


I didn't know you were using Madison! We LOVE them. Great agency and great people!

Renee said...


That is what I did...I told her how beautiful they were and how well behaved. I am not very outgoing, and don't usually strike up conversations with people I don't know, but I am so glad I did. It was a blessing to meet such a precious family.

Mama D’s Dozen said...

I am not at all offended when people ask me where my daughters are from. Being that they are very dark (from Ghana) it is obvious that I didn't give birth to them.

I have asked others where their children are from, if it is clear that they couldn't possibly be the birth parents

One funny conversation I had recently with a woman from church who adopted domestically ... I asked, "When did you bring them home?" meaning: "When did you adopt them?" The woman just stared at me.

In the international adoption community (at least the ones I'm involved in), "When did you bring them home ?" is a very common question. I guess in the domestic adoption community I'm just supposed to ask, "When did you adopt them?"

Glad your conversation went well. Did you exchange phone numbers so you can "talk on the phone"?

:) :) :)

sandwichinwi said...

I ask.

Can you post a link to the shoes. My dd was all, "ooh, shoes!!"


Claire said...

There is a mom I see week after week at storytime. She used to just bring her older son, a toddler of mixed race. I just assumed her husband was African American. Then one day I saw her at the park with her daughter as well, a little baby with quite dark skin. We chatted a bit and she told me that they were both adopted here in the US. Such cuties!

Deborah said...

Mercy-Brian's paper work is moving along. Please keep us in your prayers...I know you do.

I love you bunches.

Lisa H. said...

I'd also like to see the link to the shoes! :o)

Lisa H.

Robin's Reports said...

That is too cool. What a small world. Love the t-shirts. Send me the link and I'd love to have one too.

The Vosslers said...

I consider asking discreetly if a conversation has already started ... but not so the kids can hear. I assume the kids get tired of hearing the question and that adults expect it. But people always ask my about my four boys in a row and say, "Finally got your girl!" ... and I find that offensive to my four boys! So I try to be inoffensive in asking ... make it just part of the conversation if it easily comes. Does that make sense?

Kara Roeder said...

Interested in the link to the shoes!! They are amazing :)