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Friday, September 20, 2013

Plundering the Krispy Kreme~


Did anyone else plunder their local Krispy Kreme yesterday? We did. Oh my, what a fun little diversion in the middle of our school day.

They were so excited to get a little piratey. We practiced talking like pirates the whole drive over. They wanted to know how to say "Thank You" in pirate. We settled on "Tank ye"..though I am not sure pirates are big on manners.

The people at our local KK could not have been sweeter. They were so excited and fun. We ran into two sweet families and that just made it a party.

Jim called me while we were there and asked, "YOU at Krispy Kreme?? Do I even KNOW you anymore?" LOL, hey you have to splurge every now and again.

Since I can't have dairy, and Katie can't have wheat, we drank coffee. The family that gets hyped up together, stays together..or something like that.


Robin's Reports said...

Yeah... I think the temptation would have been too strong. What about a cake donut for you?

Kathy C. said...

Fun. We didn't know about it until too late.